My Life in Photos

I've always enjoyed taking pictures and Samoa has rewarded me with many a wonderful opportunity.  Below are my favorites from throughout service and exemplify not only the beauty of Samoa but the culture as well.  Enjoy.

Our first views of Samoa as we fly in.

These beautiful trees once lined Apia but are now all cut down after the Cyclone.

Little ones preparing for White Sunday

Ooops!  They've noticed my camera.

Look closely to the one on the left: that's a three person stack going on!

PCVs enjoying the best part of service: children and friends

Helping her mom weave a basket

Out for a morning stroll.

The beauty of To Sua Trench

PCV Madi doing a yoga pose down in To Sua Trench

Lupesina, a house built into a Banyan Tree

PCV Zach going after the elusive coconuts

PCV Allyson performing the traditional Taupo dance

Me and my little brother, Amataga

PCV Madi teaching her brother yoga moves

Village volleyball tournament

Stencils for lavalava designs waiting to be used

Laundry out to dry

Boys waiting to dance

The village turned out to say goodbye as PCVs leave their training village

Friendships formed with fellow PCVs are lasting

Floods almost covering a house during Cyclone Evan

Samoa Country Director Dale, wading through the flood waters to get to the Peace Corps office

Flood damage after Cyclone Evan

PCVs helping to clean out the Peace Corps office

What better place to relax than on your Grandmother's grave?

My host brothers got the head after the slaughtering of the cow

The family's ready for Christmas service

Local boys playing at Togitogiga waterfall

Going home after the plantation

One of my favorite sights: a banyan tree shrouded in mist

A year 1 girl posing for her school picture

Ewww, an akualoa (centipede).  Long dead before this picture was taken

Turquoise waters at Lalomanu

Fierce concentration during a school rugby game

PCV Lu jumping into the lagoon

The local Catholic church

Riptides can look so beautiful from far away

Tranquil beaches in Manase

A forgotten faleo'o in the woods

Floating away his cares

Flowers for leis

A fafafine belting out a song

My brother watering the cows as a part of his chores

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